Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Different Point of View?

I lived part of my life as a practicing drug addict. I had seen Len Bias blow his heart up, and Richard Pryor had lit himself on fire, and a when drug addicted prostitute told me it would be OK for me smoke crack- I wanted to believe her. Is that merely a different point of view? Is it just a small error in my thinking? You would immediately say no! But when George Bush attempted to minimalize the crushing expenses of maintaining two wars with standing armies, not to mention Blackwater Security staff, the maintenance expense for tanks and trucks that seven years of 2 wars have destroyed and ended us having further possibility of getting more credit, or preparing for a war against unknown hypothetical enemies I am told that it was all done with the excuse that, "I admired Ronald Reagan". Really, Mr. President, and did it occur to you that President Reagan had Altzheimers Disease while he did all those admirable things you so enjoyed from afar and that you dont know exactly what he did and why?
Now, the Bush administration delays these costs for future generations to pay. This utter fiscal irresponsibility has been disguised through many manipulative financial schemes (such as causing poorer countries to lend us unprecedented sums of money without mentioning it to the Congress, the public, or anyone who actually HAS studied economics), but the time of reckoning is fast approaching. What will happen when the note comes due on this irresponisibility? His model to immulate ( which he did without looking into how his role model handled things) Ronald Reagan, had saved his own reputation (and did so without social scrutiny or speculation) by borrowing money in time to cover his behind without making it public knowledge. Now instead of getting his New World Order fantasy society, ...he has let - his party down, his country down, and the pitiful, unfortunate, and questionable followers are still trying very hard not to admit a mistake. It reminds me of people who go to stinking movie because someone that they consider a friend told them it was great, although everyone else told them it sucked, and found out it did in fact really suck. They don't agree with the majority, they insist, "Well, I don't know, I kind of liked it." Because they want to seem intelligent enough to know something that stinks when they see it, as well as more intelligent than the majority. That is how George Bush immulated Ronald Reagan and so destroyed our economy so masterfully that we may never recover. I know that it is not politically correct for me to say that. But the people who think that it is wrong because I should support the president should ask themselves if he gave me the same respect or instead ran off blindly trying to sabotage our lives which causes me to lose all respect for him. So, I say to you, if someone disagrees with you about your views, the next time someone tries to shout you down and say that they are on the right path because they are following a leader, remember, leaders have to be proven, not trusted blindly. Our first clue should have been the attitude that he knew what he was doing. Anyone, ...and I repeat - Anyone should 1) be scared to death to screw things up for the rest of us and 2) they should be able to see when they are wrong. The Bush administration already proved that they can't admit mistakes, so, how did he get re-elected? The reason that even registered Republicans voted Democrat this year is that these people saw wrong for right despite their usual inability to see beyond the party line. Previous to this election the reason that Democrats or Republicans can see beyond their own party line is the reason we have independent parties. This year everyone voted for Change because Barrack Obama showed that he was used to changing things, even though John McCain talked about change while trying to continue the same failed policies. His comment to Obama that, "You can't be trying to discredit the policies of our beloved president Ronald Reagan, can you?" as if he knew something about economics and didn't know that Ronald Reagan's policies failed during his administration, as well, although he covered it the same way he did the Iran Contra affair and the financial backing and arms backing that we gave Afghan rebels. To anyone who still thinks they didn't do anything wrong to cover up after Ronald Reagan, then tell me what Nixon was indicted for?