Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What's So Confusing?

Today I hear George Bush on Television trying to rewrite history and make the bailout package that he and John McCain took credit for in the beginning become "Barack Obama's" bailout.
That way, if something goes wrong the republicans can blame it on Obama. I will suggest we all retain video coverage of president Bush standing on the white house lawn stating that we were in a financial crisis that most of us were already aware of. He acts as if he thinks NOT SAYING something makes it not be true. He created the lack of faith in himself or our economy by trying to act like, "Everything's just dandy...", while tempering the statement with saying that, "I know the American people can come back from this, they always do." Come back from what, George? IF you didn't create a financial crisis we wouldn't need to come back from anything. Your dad called Reagan's policies Voodoo Economics. In other words, no matter how far he sets us back we will attempt to survive. No, really? You think?! Like we have a choice.
I find it interesting that when he was first in the white house he said he admired Reagan and L.B.J. and now it is Lincoln. Did Lincoln lie to the people in order to make them have more faith in the country? It is hard for me to believe he is as stupid as he is. He doesn't seem to understand why the guy who threw a pair of shoes at him did committed that act. It was stated on the news that hitting someone with one's shoe is a matter of greatest disrespect in Iraq and he still doesn't understand that. Do his advisors tell him anything? That is the whole problem concerning dealing with people who vote for their party without researching the history of the politician. I do mean the real history, not conjecture and lies. He was just asked if he thought he would ever see an African American man in the white house. He said yes, right after saying how he was getting a ring side seat at a incredible moment in history. we all know it burns his ass. Not only did he drag his own party down, he succeeded in making the American people prefer a black man as their leader instead of his party's white candidate. A whole lot of registered Republicans voted Democrat this year mostly because of George Bush in an atmosphere of a Pollyanna Public Relations administration. I guess the comments about the fundamentals of the economy being strong two days before the admitting by the white house of the fact that everyone else seemed to notice, the financial crisis, didn't help the campaign much. John McCain actually doesn't have any idea where the economy is as he isn't effected by it. As long as people keep buying Budweiser, his wife is going to be rich. As long as he is another rich politician, he will stay rich. In touch with the middle class? Actually caring or wanting for things to change? Show me!
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